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SR-FB-103 is a kind of antibioticprocessing agent used to synthetic fibers adequate for terylene, nylon andtheir blending and interwoven fabrics, especially applicable to the linings ofclothes, sports wears, overalls, quilt covers, quilts, shirts, blouses,additional fabrics to slopworks and floor mat etc.

SR-FB-103 could achieve the effect toinhibit Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria with its light concentration.It's proven through tests that SR-FB-103 is possessed of obvious effect forbacteriostasis on the following strains:

u            Gram-positive bacteria:Hemolytic streptococcus and staphyiococcus aureus;

u            Sweating secretion of humanbody: Rot staphylococci, bacilli subilis and bacilli diphtheria;

u            Gram-negative bacteria:Colon bacilli;

u            Proteus: Salmonellaenteritis and pneumonia bacilli;

u            Microorganism in skin:White staphylococcus epidermidis and germ species;

u            Microspore tinea bacteria:Monilia albicans and brood cell trichophyton;



u            It’s possessed of specialeffect on the pathogenic bacteria, and free from harm and toxicity to skin;

u            It's good at compatibleeffect with surface active agents.



u            Less dosage and highperformance;

u            Free from irritation toskin;

u            Can be merged with dyeingprocessing;

u            The antibiotic treatment iscompatible with follow-up miscellaneous trimming and processing;

u            The solubility of thesolvent is excellent, and in favor of application; 

u            Applicable to theprocessing for the coating of acroleic acid and poly-urine fat;

u            When it's used incombination with detergent, sterilizing and bacteriostasis could beaccomplished at the same time.



u            Chemical composition:Organic antibiotic agent;

u            External appearance:Transparent or slightly yellow transparent liquid;

u            Specific gravity (25℃): 1.01-1.11g/cm3

u            Stability in storage: 1year (in airtight condition under the room temperature of 20℃);

u            Environmentalprotection/toxicity: General hygienic and safety rules shall be observed toreserve, portage and apply the chemicals, and this agent is inedible.



Recommended dispensations:

(1): 100% terylene

It's suggested to conduct presetting before dyeing, and high temperaturedyeing method shall be adopted for treatment.

l              Liquor ratio: 1: 20

l              5% SR-FB-103

l              x% disperse dyes

l              Proper quantities ofdispersant and leveling agent

The room temperature shallbe heated up from 20℃ to 130℃(the heating-up velocity is 1℃-1.5℃/min),and keep the temperature at 130℃for 60min (according to dyeing thickness). Afterwards, cooling, rinsing (hotwater washing and cold water washing), (reduction washing, water washing andneutralization if necessary) and drying shall be conducted.

For antibiotic processingof mixture fabrics of polyester and cotton, "One-bath Process" isrecommended.

 (2) : Nylonfabrics

 (Capstan, leak current & jet)

l              Liquor ratio: 1: 20;

l              5% SR-FB-103

l              X % dyes;

l              Proper quantities ofadditives, such as dye retarding agent etc.

The room temperature shall be heated up from 20℃to 95℃,and keep the temperature at 95℃for 60min, cooling rinsing and drying.



u            This product is likely tobring about slight change in color;

u            The color distortion can beadjusted by means of dye prescription;

u            The thermo-settingtemperature of the organic antibiotic agent shall not exceed 170℃×30min.

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