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IONPURE is a soluble glass containing antimicrobial metal ions

Glass is generally considered as a material with high chemical inertness due to its strong network structure. However, it is possible to lower this chemical inertness by continuously altering its structure especially in water. 
On the other hand, glass has another interesting property, which retains metal as ions. Combination of this property and the above technology has enabled to create glass with low chemical inertness, which can also retain anti-microbial metal ions such as silver and copper. With the presence of water or moisture, the glass will release these metal ions gradually to function as anti-microbial material. 
it is well known that these ion have antimicrobial effect. For example, silverware and copperware has been known to prevent decay of water and food since the ancient times.

Anti-Microbial mechanism

With the presence of moisture, IONPURE releases a few Ag ions gradually. Ag ion has an ability to strongly bind to cellular enzyme of microbes and inhibit enzyme activity of cell wall, membrane, and nucleic acids.

In a word, as microbes charged with minus on their surface, Ag ions that have plus are drawn toward microbes, and disturb their electric balance. so that microbes are burst their cell wall and extinguished. 
Otherwise as Ag ions are taken into microbes, they react and bond to the cellular enzyme microbes. this inhibits enzyme activity and multiplication of microbes, thus extinguishing the microbes.


  • Freely design the anti-microbial effect and life span according to using purpose. 

    Anti-microbial effect

    Durability, Heat-resistance, Anti-discoloration

    Life span of effect

  • Adaptable to all kind of resin in various grades.
  • High performance at low concentration.
  • Keep up transparency of resin such as PP, PC, ABS, AS. 


  • Adapt every molding and spinning as its heat-resistance is more than 500℃.
  • Keep up high performance after washing and warm water environment. 

    The properties of plastics

  • High level of safety.

Safety of IONPURE

IONPURE has acquired various safety data for each grade of the product. Following are examples of safety data.

  1. Acute oral toxicity 
    There was no case of abnormal reaction or death by single oral administration of 5000mg/kg(2000mg/kg) of IONPURE to mice
  2. Primary skin irritation 
    No skin irritation response was observed an albino rabbits during or after the skin irritation test suggested in the OECD Chemical Substance Toxicity Test Guidance.(1981)
  3. Mutagenicity 
    The mutagenicity test based on the bulletin No.77 of the Labor Ministry of Japan (1st Sep.1989)resulted in no increase in reverse mutation and mutagenicity was confirmed to be negative.
  4. Skin sensitization 
    The skin sensitization test using maximization method demonstrated no skin sensitization on guinea pigs.

In addition to above test results, eye irritancy test, photo toxicity test, and repeat insult patch test have been performed for other grades of IONPURE. Also, other products containing IONPURE have exhibited excellent safety data in human patch test and quality assurance test for food containers and appliances based on Food Hygiene Law of Japan.

Application example

Following table shows industrial applications example of IONPURE.

Daily necessitiesChopping board, Disposable gloves, Bowl, Kitchenware, Kitchen knife handle, Duster, Washbowl, Toothbrush, Wrapping film, Canteen, Emergency water tank, Hairbrush, Toilet seat, Cleaner etc.
Electric applicationRefrigerator, Dish washer, Dish dryer, Mobile phone, Water cleaner, Iron, Gas table, Remote controller etc.
Automobile partsSteering wheel, Shift knob, Switches, Assist grip, Parking break lever etc.
FiberSocks, Pantyhose, Tights, Insole, Bathing suit, Toilet cobber, Towel, Carpet, Pillow, Sheets etc.
Building materialsWall paper, flooring materials (P tile, Floorings), Mat, Artificial marble (For kitchen counter, Washstand and Bathtub) etc.
MedicalMeasuring instrument, Hospital floor, Curtain, Stationery, White dress, Gauze mask etc.
Food relatatedConveyor belt, Floor tray etc.
OthersContact lens utility (Lens keeper, Lens holder), Cosmetics, Credit card etc,

    This kind of products yet