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As it will be used somewhere out of people's sight, better select a product of assured quality.
Antimicrobial concrete additive Zeomighty.

While the percentage of the areas where sewer service is available is increasing, sulfuric acid corrosion of concrete effluent pipes is noted as a problem of the existing sewer systems. Hydrogen sulfide generated from sewage is transformed into sulfuric acid through the action of sulfur oxidizing bacteria (Thiobacillus spp) and sulfuric acid corrodes concrete effluent pipes.

As a precaution against this problem, the adoption of concrete containing our Zeomighty (antimicrobial concrete) is spreading. The effect of antimicrobial concrete is introduced in the "Handbook for preventing the corrosion of sewer concrete pipes (draft)" compiled by the Japan Sewage Works Association and antimicrobial concrete is supplied to various autonomous bodies as a standard technology to control concrete corrosion.

Sinanen Zeomic has organized the Antimicrobial Concrete Study Group to perform the technical evaluation of Zeomighty and study its application technology. Obtaining support from 79 members from secondary concrete product makers (as of September, 2004), the Study Group is pushing its initiatives to win further confidence in antimicrobial concrete and exploit the market.

Zeomighty is an antimicrobial concrete additive jointly developed by Sinanen and MITSUI MINING COMPANY , LIMITED, which suppresses the propagation of sulfur oxidizing bacteria causing concrete corrosion. The two companies, working in concert with KUMAGAI GUMI CO.,LTD., obtained a "Certificate of examination as sewer technology" from Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology in FY1999.


Photos showing concrete corrosion and deterioration

 1. Simple production process for incomparable effect

To produce antimicrobial concrete products, all you have to do is add approx. 1% of Zeomighty in casting concrete or mortar. It is so simple and no special equipment or technology is required.

 2. Realizing corrosion prevention and hygiene management with its excellent antimicrobial power

Zeomighty suppresses the propagation of sulfur oxidizing bacteria causing concrete and mortar corrosion and neutralizes them. It is also effective against various bacteria harmful to human health, thus contributing to hygiene management as well.

Cause of concrete corrosion and its mechanism

 3. Safe, long lasting and truly economical

Metal elements contained in Zeomighty are not soluble to or hardly eluted with water or organic solvents, so it can clear regulation imposed on wastewater discharged to the environment. Since its antimicrobial effect lasts long, it provides a truly economical means of corrosion prevention in comparison with the conventional measures, only increasing the material cost slightly.

 4. Even distribution due to its excellent dispersibility

Since it has specific gravity similar to those of cement and aggregates as well as particle size distribution matched to those of cement and admixtures, an ordinary plant can easily mix it into mortar or concrete. It will ensure good dispersion.

 5. Intrinsic strength of concrete is maintained

No significant difference is observed between the compression strength of mortar or concrete with and without Zeomighty, and you can use products containing Zeomighty confidently as you use ordinary concrete products.

Composition and physical properties of antimicrobial concrete additive Zeomighty

Silver and copper ions, which show the highest antimicrobial effect against Thiobacillus spp causing concrete corrosion. Silver and copper ions, however, cannot be used alone as they react with various chemical substances.

Therefore, Sinanen Zeomic worked out an idea of utilizing zeolite particles as the carrier of silver and copper ions.

Zeolite is made of silica and alumina. When Si in stable (SiO2)n is substituted by trivalent element Al, negative charge is generated and a positive ion (silver or copper) will couple to it to compensate the negative charge. Zeomighty is an antimicrobial concrete additive containing zeolite-supported silver and copper, which has a chemically and physically stable structure.